How to use your chaplain corps email address

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Are you aware that every member of the Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps has an official email address? It looks something like this:

If you haven’t already activated yours I’d like to encourage you to get it set up for a couple important reasons.

  1. We’re professionals in CAP, and your email address should reflect that. If you have an email address on your business card that says does that really make you look like a professional? Having an official email address shows that you take your ministry in CAP seriously and others will too.
  2. Using your official email address means that it will be easier for the chaplain corps to communicate important information to you. The address system is set up so that important announcements can be sent to all of the CAP chaplain corps, or to our members in specific regions or wings. If you aren’t activated in the system you may miss out on something important.

The official CAP chaplain corps email accounts are already there and waiting for you to activate yours. There is a full set of instructions in the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 issues of the Chaplain Corps Transmitter, which you can access on our Pacific Region Chaplain Corps website. If you run into any trouble you can contact our mail administrator:
administrator (at)

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