Hot off the press: New CAPR 265-1

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The brand new CAPR 265-1 Chaplain Corps Regulation is now approved and in force as of April 3, 2015. It contains some important changes and updates you should be aware of, especially regarding our role in Character Development instruction and the new requirements for becoming a CDI. Here’s a fast summary of some of the most important changes that will directly affect you:

Character Development material must be approved by CAP Chief of Chaplains, and now chaplains and CDI’s must use only approved Character Development material. (Sections B.3.e, B.4.a)

This means that from this point forward only approved Character Development material may be used (no winging it—sorry!) and must be from either the CAPP 265-2 Values for Living, the Medal of Honor curriculum, or the Cadet Wingman course in order to count for Character Development credit. The new Cadet Promotions module in eServices requires that one of these three options is used in order for cadets to get credit.

Chaplains and CDIs should now have access to the Cadet Promotion Module in eServices under Cadet Programs > Cadet Promotions.

The good news for CDIs is that eServices is being re-engineered in the way Character Development credit is applied so we can eventually eliminate the need for CDIs to fill out a semi-annual Form 34. We’ll keep you posted on when that becomes reality. Sorry chaplains, we’ll still have to submit one every six months.

Training requirements for new CDI applications have been changed.

CDI applicants used to be required to produce transcripts showing at least 60 hours of college beyond high school graduation to qualify, but that formal educational requirement has been rescinded. Instead, new CDIs will need to complete the CAP Basic Instructor’s Course and Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC). This will open up the CDI role to a number of highly qualified people who would not have met the old formal education requirement and ensure that they have received CAP-specific training that relates directly to the CDI role.

Current CDIs are grandfathered, but we still highly recommend attending a Training Leaders of Cadets seminar and doing the Basic Instructor Course as soon as you are able if you haven’t done them yet.

Boring but important…

The professional Development requirement for Senior Chaplain of the Year Award changed from Level V to Level IV.

The following were changed from mandatory to goals: the submission of Chaplain Awards by Chaplains and Commanders, and the criteria for the selection of Wing and Region Chaplains. The most important of these for our wings are that the professional Development requirement of Level IV for Wing Chaplains was changed to a recommendation of  Level III. Also, term limits for Wing Chaplains were deleted.

You can find the new CAPR 265-1 here

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