New CAPR 80-1 Chaplain Corps Regulation Coming Soon!

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Our current chaplain corps regulation, CAPR 265-1, has been in force since 2015, but the new version of the regulation, now titled CAPR 80-1, is coming very soon!

Character Development Instructors

One of the biggest anticipated changes is renaming Character Development Instructors to “Chaplain Support Specialists.” CSSs will now have duty assignments possible at all echelons ¬†all the way to National Headquarters, so wings and regions will be able to assign a CSS to work with the wing or region chaplain.

Training requirements for CSS applications

New CSSs will need to complete Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) and the Character Development Facilitator course.

Boring but important…

The Squadron Chaplain of the Year and Senior Chaplain of the Year awards will be merged into a single Chaplain of the Year award.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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