Pat Okawa

Lt Col Pat Okawa

Lt Col Pat Okawa joined Long Beach Squadron 73 in 1987. In 1990, she transferred to Cadet Squadron 153 in Los Alamitos. During her time of service there she worked in all three of CAP’s missions. She became the “Squadron Mom” accompanying female cadets so that they could participate in activities or training events that required them to remain overnight. She was assigned to Group 15 staff in 1995, as the Aerospace Education and Professional Development Officer. Her knowledge in these areas was noticed by CAWG HQ personnel and Pat was given assignments to assist in the area of internal AE. Her service at CAWG HQ since 1998 has included being the Director of Aerospace Education, Director of Professional Development, Plans and Programs Director, and Adminsrtative Officer for the Chaplain Corps. Most of us know Pat in that role. As a Character Development Instructor, she has served as the Administrative Officer for the Chaplain Corps Region Staff College on several occasions. She has also taught or served on the staff of Unit Commanders’ Course, Squadron Leadership School, and Corporate Learning Course.

Pat holds a Master Rating in the Senior Program Officer specialty track, a Senior rating in the Aerospace Education specialty track and a Technician rating in Cadet Programs and Character Development Instructor specialty tracks. She has completed Civil Air Patrol’s Senior Member Professional Development Program, receiving the Gill Robb Wilson Award (#2173). Pat served on the editorial team that assisted in the publication of So You Are the New Wing Chaplain…, authored by Chaplain, Lt Col, Paul Ward.